"Even when silent, she speaks volumes." -Broadwayworld.com

Photo Credit: Georgina Richardson

Photo Credit: Georgina Richardson

"...the two cast members act up a storm." - Variety

"Christa Kimlicko Jones communicates an exuberance and zest for life that warms the stage."-Talkin' Broadway

"Christa Kimlicko Jones is movie-star gorgeous. Raven hair, porcelain skin, arched neck, coruscating eyes -- she brings to mind Elizabeth Taylor one moment, Vivien Leigh the next. And like her glamorous stage-and-screen predecessors, she can act up a hurricane." -Michael Barnes, Austin American Statesman

"And seated above all, often literally, is Kimlicko Jones, whose portrayal of the suave and sophisticated society woman accelerating to pieces is an elegant and forceful bit of acting."- Robi Polgar, Austin Chronicle

"...And the stars of the show were truly stellar. Christa Kimlicko Jones was every bit the conniving yet sympathetic sorceress Abbie. She looked the part (i.e., gorgeous), and both seduced and fell to pieces with just the right mix of cruelty and desperation." - Ada Calhoun, Austin Chronicle

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